6 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How People Shop

From heightened expectations around delivery to a preference for local brands, people are adjusting their consumption habits in the wake of the pandemic. Here’s what retailers should know.

Coronavirus Will Force Fashion To A Sustainable Future 

Fashion is an industry that runs on change with new trends, styles, and whole new ranges offered up every season. In order to meet those demands, it must keep the supply chain working at full steam to stitch up and ship out new fashions at breakneck speed. With its focus on the front end to […]

Circularity – the New Buzzword

Circularity is about keeping stuff out of landfills.  It is more than just about recycling.  It starts with how you design, the textiles that are used, your manufacturing process, supply chain as well as customer usage and post usage.  It is the transformation from a “make buy use waste” dynamic to a “make buy use […]

Chasing The Holy Grail of Circular Fashion 

Scaling technology that can recycle old clothes back into new ones has eluded the industry for a decade. A series of new projects this year suggest fashion may be nearing a tipping point.